Brighten Your Smile with Zoom Teeth Whitening

When we ask our patients what they would most like to change about their smiles, we get a wide range of answers. From healthier teeth & gums to everything aesthetic – the most common response is certainly, “a whiter, brighter smile.”

Brighten Your Smile with Zoom Teeth Whitening

No one hopes for a dull, stained or discolored smile – everyone wants teeth they can be proud of, but there are several things that factor into the unfavorable attributes above. Many of them are the thoughtless things we do just going through our everyday lives. Most of us don’t consider the potential dental side effects before enjoying a plate of spaghetti or reaching for a cold soda. Thankfully, Dentalways offers safe and effective whitening options that can get your smile up to 8 shades brighter in just one visit!

When to Whiten

Enamel, which is the hardest substance in the entire human body, covers & protects our teeth. Beneath that enamel is dentin, which is yellowish-brown in hue. With time, our enamel wears away, making teeth vulnerable to damage, decay and discoloration. The more wear caused to the enamel, the more dull and dark the appearance of the teeth. And the more susceptible to stains!

So if a smile says a lot about a person, what does yours say about you? You like your daily latte? That you enjoy a gratifying glass of cabernet? Or maybe your smile doesn’t say much at all because you just don’t want it to show. There is a way past those stains!


The technology of Philips Zoom makes dramatically whiter teeth available in as little as ONE visit to Dentalways. Many of us have reached for the whitening toothpaste, tried the strips or used other over counter products to boost our smiles. While some of these do produce results, there is a big difference between using these products and using professional whitening.

We try to make the process comfortable for our patients, reclining them back during the treatment. After isolating the teeth in order to protect the tissue around them, the whitening technician applies the Zoom whitening gel, then focuses the ZOOM LED WhiteSpeed light directly onto the teeth. This activates the 25% hydrogen peroxide mixture in the gel, breaking it down and allowing oxygen to enter the tooth enamel and dentin. This allows the bleach to penetrate the stained surfaces safely, leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.

The full whitening process is done in 3-4 fifteen-minute sessions at our North Little Rock office. Custom trays and additional tubes of bleach are included with the ZOOM procedure and sent home with each patient to both improve & maintain results. Many patients have seen their teeth lighten several shades.

Zoom before and after

Heightened sensitivity to the teeth and gums is a possible side effect, but in most cases, very brief. Some patients describe “zingers”, which are basically little zips of tenderness during and after the procedure, but are short-lived. Some people take a couple of ibuprofen before the whitening to help with any tenderness. Long-term side effects are very rare, making this option low-risk and offering brilliant results!

Many people in the spotlight of the media’s microscope have chosen to whiten with ZOOM and similar technology. Our very own Dr. Khullar even opted to have this procedure done on himself and loves the results! Whether or not our faces grace the pages of a magazine is irrelevant. We all deserve to treat ourselves to bright, pearly whites! Your smile is the most important thing you’ll wear – we would love to see and whiten yours!

If you’d like to set up a whitening appointment or have questions about improving your smile, give us a call at 501-753-7366 or fill out our Contact Form today.

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