New Year, New Mission: Dentalways Cares

The New Year is here! As we celebrate all that 2017 had to offer and all that we hope and pray 2018 will bring, we are surrounded by the concept of goals.

New Year, New Mission: Dentalways Cares

Goals are a great way for us to measure progress in all aspects of our lives. We set goals as individuals, but we can also come together and set goals as groups, communities, families, and even businesses.

At Dentalways, we have formed a new social mission that we are calling, “Dentalways Cares”. As a part of this mission we are vowing to make a difference in our community by helping those around us who are less fortunate than ourselves. Of course, achieving our goals would not be possible without our outstanding patients! If you are a patient at one of our locations, you have already contributed to us meeting our goals, whether you know it or not. For that, we thank you!

Without the help of our exceptional staff and loyal patients, we would not be able to meet these goals. Something as simple as staying on track with dental hygiene helps us and, in turn, helps others. That is because we donate a portion of everything we collect as a business to charities, whether it be from insurance payment or patients contributing to their portion of dental treatment.

As we closed out the past year, we split $5,000 between charities voted on by our amazing patients! You voted, we listened – and tallied. The allocated donations were divided among three amazing local charities: Arkansas Run for the Fallen, Ronald McDonald House and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

AR Run For Fallen Dentalways donation

In addition to making financial contributions to the community, we are also striving to use dental implants to restore 3,000 missing teeth to health. Our goal is to accomplish this by December 31st, 2020. By this date, we are also hoping to help at least 150 people achieve the smiles of their dreams!

Our goals are lofty, but with the help of your loyalty and referrals, they are achievable and then some! We care about our communities and giving others a reason to smile. A smile is the most important thing you can wear, and we hope you’ll share yours with us and help make a difference.

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