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The Super Power of Dental Implants

Many people are afraid of the American Pitbull Terrier due to their powerful bite averaged at 235 psi of force, but what they might not realize is that the healthy human mouth normally exerts 200 psi, so their bite is not that much more powerful than our own. It’s just a good thing humans don’t go around biting each other. If you have been losing teeth, dental implants from Dentalways can help preserve that power.

The Super Power of Dental Implants

Our bodies are engineered as efficient machines that take in, masticate and digest a variety of foods necessary for us to maintain healthy nutrition. One of the reasons dental implants have increasingly become viewed as the standard of care is because compared to dentures or bridges, they offer the best preservation of bite power. As we age, it is normal for teeth to degenerate, become sensitive, fall out, or get cavities, all of which erode our bite force. As bite force diminishes, we become limited in the foods we can eat, which means that our nutrition and overall health can degenerate as well. This is part of why it’s important to do our best to maintain our natural teeth, and consider tooth replacement in the event we lose them.

As you look at options for replacing missing teeth, remember to consider bite force and the relationship it has to your overall health as a deciding factor. A regular dental implant provides a titanium replacement for the structure of the natural tooth’s roots topped by a porcelain or composite resin crown. It is the closest option for maintaining your 200 psi bite force, whereas a bridge may retain up to 150 psi, and dentures weigh in at a mere 50 psi of bite force. How much difference will that make for you over the long term?

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