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Women and Sleep Apnea

The profile of a typical sleep apnea patient is an older, overweight male. Of the 22 million Americans currently receiving treatment, most tend to fit that bill. However, experts believe that many women are living with sleep apnea due to misunderstanding of the disorder. Women are often diagnosed with other conditions that are likely connected to sleep apnea, but not the core problem.

Women and Sleep Apnea

In recent years we're learned that sleep apnea manifests itself in different ways for men and women. Male symptoms tend to be frequent, loud snoring, and some form of disrupted sleep description. Women on on the other hand are likely to describe symptoms of the depression, which can throw healthcare professionals off track. Women who actually have sleep apnea are commonly diagnosed with depression, insomnia, stress-induced fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypertension, obesity and anemia.

It used to be that the C-PAP machine was the only non-surgical treatment. Because of the machine's bulky size, many people have trouble using it and end up going without treatment. Specialized dental care that treats the jaw in conjunction with breathing and bodily functions has emerged as an additional treatment for sleep apnea. This is because the jaw and bite are directly related to how your muscles function and the clarity of your airway.

Sleep apnea causes life-threatening conditions, so please don't hesitate to come see us if you experience symptoms that could be related. Schedule an appointment to see me at the location near you:

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