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Dr Denesh Khullar Dental Implant Protocol Dentalways

Hi, I’m Dr. Khullar and at Dentalways we believe dental implants for our patients should be an easy way to replace missing teeth. That’s why I have developed a step-by-step standard protocol for all our implant cases that makes implant placement accurate, safe, and predictable.

1. Free Implant Consultation

At this initial consultation I will evaluate your case and answer any questions you have regarding various implant treatment options.  Sometimes we will take a CT Scan at this visit if the patient wants a definitive treatment plan with exact costs for their particular case.

2. Surgical Guide Fabrication

At this appointment we will begin fabrication of a precision surgical guide for your individual case. This is done by placing a stent over your upper or lower teeth (depending on where the implant or implants are needed) and taking a CT Scan with that in place. After this an impression of your teeth is also made.

I will then sit down with you in our state of the art consultation room and show you your 3D CAT scan images and virtually place your implant or implants on our Sirona Galexis advanced computer software.  You will actually get to see this as I’m doing it on our big screen TV in the consultation room.  This is one of my favorite parts of the entire process, because I get to see the amazement of my patients when they see the level of technology we work with and the precision with which we can now place implants.

We are able to select an exact implant diameter and height and avoid vital structures such as nerves and sinuses.  Thus, this technology allows me to place implants safely, predictably and accurately. There is no guessing with where the implant needs to go and it makes it more likely that your implants will last a lifetime. We use this technique for all our implant cases including the All-on-4 implants procedure.  Finally, a disc is made from this virtual treatment plan and is sent to SICAT laboratory along with the model for final fabrication of the surgical guide.

3. Implant Placement

At this appointment we will place your implant or implants using the surgical guide as specified above. We offer sedation for those that prefer it, but can also do this procedure without sedation when it is so desired. You will need a driver if you decide to have the procedure done with sedation.

This procedure lasts about an hour for a single implant and up to 4 hours for the All-on-4 implants procedure. You will be given prescriptions and Post-Operative Instructions on how to care for the implant. Believe it or not we have little to no pain reported by our patients from this procedure. In fact, most of my patients come back and tell me they didn’t even take the pain medicine, because they didn’t need it!

4. Post-Op Visit

At this appointment we will evaluate the surgical site and give you care instructions as needed.

I do dental implants routinely, have predictable outcomes and provide our patients with healthy new teeth that should last a very long time. If you are considering dental implants but are not sure what to expect or are nervous about the procedure, it would be the pleasure of my team and I to show you the true value of dental implants as a tooth replacement, help answer your questions or alleviate any concerns you might have. You can schedule a Free Implant Consultation and we will be happy to help.

— Denesh K. Khullar, DDS, PA, FICOI, FAGD

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