Your better fit comes from Dr. Khullar's expertise in neuromuscular dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is at the root of your dentures from Dentalways. The most natural state for you jaw muscles is when they are relaxed. When it comes to fitting your dentures, Dr. Khullar knows that your dentures are going to be more functional, more comfortable and more attractive when your jaw muscles are at rest.

Enter technology. By using equipment known as an ultra low frequency tens unit, Dr. Khullar completely relaxes your jaw muscles to find your proper jaw position. This means your dentures are created to fit your natural state and they simply fit you better.

Better function is a result of dentures that reflect your unique features

Everybody is unique, and, when it comes to your mouth there are particular characteristics that are just you; the size and shape of your mouth, the position of your jaw, and the resting place of your tongue, the way your teeth come together. Details like your muscle structure and your bone tissues are a unique part of the genetic make-up of your mouth.

When your dentures are designed specifically for you, you'll see immediate benefits. Because they fit you properly, you’ll be able to eat better, breathe better and sleep better. This translates into you simply being healthier.

Look younger with face supporting, customized dentures from Dentalways

When you have dentures that don’t fit properly; when they aren’t designed just for you, your face could end up looking droopy and loose. We all have that friend or family member whose face seems to “sink in” because of ill fitting dentures. Simply put, they look old.

When you are wearing dentures that don’t fit properly, your face loses the support it needs and your lips, profile, speech, neck and posture are all impacted. When you are wearing customized dentures and your bite is in the correct position, everything gets lifted back up and you look noticeably younger.

Better Fit

These aren't your grandma's dentures

You can admit it. When you think about dentures, you're thinking clumsy and awkward, sitting-in-a-glass, everyone-will-know" kind of denture. And with traditional dentures, that is case. They are more a one-size fits all kind of denture and they aren’t constructed to fit YOUR mouth, your bones and your body. They look like they've been forced into the mouth, it look uncomfortable and unnatural and they are the ones that give dentures a bad name. It's just the dentures weren't made for that face.

Dentures by Dr. Khullar are entirely customized, to fit your face and your mouth and your bone structure. They are made to fit your specific body and more importantly, your own specific bone, muscle and tissue.

The key to comfort, get the right fit

The fundamentals of dentures lies with neuromuscualr dentistry. When your muscles are relaxed and at they're at their resting point, this is the most natural state for them to be in. No stress and no side effects. When your mouth, jaw and muscles are relaxed, your dentures are going to be more functional, more comfortable and more attractive. If you have stable and relaxed muscles, you automatically get a better fit.

Technology is great

Technology plays a huge role in all these advancements. Using sophisticated equipment known as ultra low frequency tens unit, we are able to completely relax your muscles. This is necessary and critical in finding your proper jaw position. With that, your denture is created to fit your natural state and they simply fit you better.

Not everyone is certified to provide neuromuscular training like denture dentist, Dr. Khullar. The technology combined with the education of today's denture dentists will ensure, these are definitely not your grandma's dentures.

Look younger, feel your best

In a nutshell, you want your "bite" position to be in its natural state. This happens to be the same position that best supports your face, making you look younger, more confident and best of all, comfortable. A denture is created that does all this and now you know you look and feel your best. Don't you want to see for yourself?

Better Function

You're unique, your dentures should be too

For years you have driven a Volkswagen bug, taking great road trips, making some fantastic memories. Your time though is coming to and end and you are thinking of upgrading. Now you want a Ford F350 Super Diesel truck and you need to decide which tires to put on. Doubtful you'd choose the VW bug's tires for your new truck. If you did, the vehicle would still get around, but not to the best of it's performance ability.

Well, your teeth work under the same principle. When it comes to your mouth, there are particular characteristics that are just you. The position of your jaw, the resting place of your teeth and tongue, the size and shape of your mouth. Even details like your muscle and bone tissue play a part in the genetic make-up of your mouth. So in terms of dentures, you can opt for traditional dentures but that would be similar as putting VW dentures in your F350 mouth. If you want your dentures to work their best, they need to be tailored to your specific requirements

Types of dentures explained


These are the least expensive choice in the selection of dentures. They are very basic and can usually be "made in the same day." Some patients jokingly tell us they only come in small, medium and large... and you get the one that "fits you best".

Traditional dentures are the type most general dentists make. They will usually fit better and look better than economy dentures. however if you have lost a lot of bone and tissues, these dentures won't fit you and work properly in your mouth.

Dentalways dentures are the most personalized and tailored denture available and they're the type of dentures denture dentist, Dr. Khullar makes. While they are the most expensive denture out there, they are also the best denture out there. With these, you’ll get the best fit, function, comfort and look.

Designed just for YOU

Using sophisticated equipment known as ultra low frequency tens unit (TENS), we are able to completely relax your muscles, which is critical when determining your correct jaw position; this is the position your jaw rests in naturally, when you aren't thinking about it. With these advancements in dentistry, you'll get a denture that fits you properly. It's designed for function and aesthetic. It's designed just for you.

When your dentures are designed for you, you're going to see immediate benefits. Because they actually fit you properly, you are going to be able to eat better. You might find you can breathe and ultimately sleep better. Overall, you will simply be healthier. Don't you want that?

Better Look

Turn back the hands of time

Better Look

We all have that friend or family member, who’s face seems to “sink in” when they take out their dentures. Their cheeks look hollow and their face is just old and droopy and loose. They look like an ancient, former version of themselves.

This happens because they don't have dentures that have been created for design and function and fit. Their dentures simply don't fit their mouth properly.

How the aging process works

When you lose your original teeth, your bone and tissue starts to shrink and you start to sag. You get wrinkles and creases and your face starts to lose it's shape This makes you begin to look tired and crinkled and old.

Poor fitting dentures have the same effect on your face. When you are wearing ill-fitting dentures, your face isn't being supported properly and everything starts to shift and fall. Your lips, facial profile, speech, neck and overall posture are affected by your bite and how your teeth fit together. When your bite is in it's "right" position and you are wearing customized dentures, the tissue in your mouth starts to form back out. Your wrinkles start to disappear.

Everything gets lifted up and you look noticeably younger and fresher.

Economy and Traditional dentures have been available for years but they have left countless drawers full of useless dentures. With traditional types of dentures, people usually have a sunken-in, aged appearance, a bad bite, a less than ideal smile and a poor fit.

Dentalways dentures are the most advanced dentures available. They are constructed with advanced computerized technology (TENS) that allow Dentalways to "get the bite right" and achieve an ideal fit. This alone changes the aesthetic of your teeth and face. Wrinkles and lines from your neck and face are eliminated, making you look instantly younger. The perfect fitting dentures can correct a bad bite by combining the best place for your teeth, together with your muscle and bone features. This provides you a denture with maximum function, comfort and appearance.

More natural, better fitting and you look younger

One of the best features of these dentures? They actually look like teeth because they are made out of porcelain so they aren’t dull and manufactured-looking. They are bright and shiny and give your face the lift you need and deserve. If the time is taken to properly determine your face, mouth and jaw’s optimal position, the new dentures from dentist Dr. Khullar, will give you natural looking teeth and instantly take years off your face. Who doesn’t want that?

Implant Supported Dentures

Keep dentures supported and stable

An estimated 45 million Americans currently wear full or implant supported dentures. While dentures allow people to complete their smiles, they also have inherent drawbacks. This includes changes in your supporting bone which causes the denture to become loose or ill-fitting, requiring messy creams and some discomfort. Implant supported dentures can create a modern alternative to traditional dentures.

Implant supported dentures are a great option for someone who needs new dentures or someone who has existing dentures and are unhappy with their instability. Implant supported dentures help to keep dentures stable and more fixated.

What exactly is an implant supported denture?

An implant-supported denture is supported by and attached to implants. A regular denture rests on the gums. An implant-supported denture has special attachments that snap on to the implants. These attachments allow you to easily chew and bite your food and they prevent your dentures from falling out while talking, eating or laughing.

Implant-supported dentures can be made for both the lower and upper jaw and, if used on your upper, it covers less of your palate (roof of your mouth) than a regular denture, so you can improve the ability to taste and enjoy your food. Implant-supported dentures require at least two implants for support and the dentures themselves can be removed daily to clean the denture and gums and they can be taken out every night for sleeping.


A metal bar that molds to your gum tissue is attached to implants that have been placed in your jawbone. Clips or other types of attachments are fitted to the bar, the denture or both. The denture fits over the bar and is securely clipped into place by these attachments.

Each implant in the jawbone holds a metal ball attachment. This ball-shaped attachment fits into another attachment or socket on the denture.

How are implants placed?

The implants usually are placed in areas where the bone is deemed to be adequate. When you lose teeth, you also lose bone in that area, so if you don't have enough bone to place the implants, you might have to consider bone grafting.

Before any work is done and any decisions have been made, you will need to have an initial consult with implant dentist, Dr. Khullar. Dr. Khullar has taken advanced training in the placement and restoration of implants. At this consult Dr. Khullar will review your medical and dental histories, take X-rays and create impressions of your teeth and gums so that models can be made. In some cases, a CT scan of your mouth may be necessary to show where your sinuses and nerves are and to see how much bone is available and to determine the best locations for the implants.

Eat better, speak better, feel better

People who choose implant-supported dentures have a better ability to chew, have an improved appearance, are more confident, maintain a healthier diet and feel happier and better about themselves. Implant-supported dentures feel more like “real” teeth because they feel more stable and secure. You deserve to have the confidence and happiness that come with implant supported dentures.

Extreme Dentures

Do a Google search with the word “extreme”. The results are amazing: makeovers, sports, rock bands, boating, couponing, birdhouses, even pita bread – seems like everything is extreme these days. So, what the deal with extreme dentures? How can dentures possibly be “extreme”?

People who have problems wearing traditional dentures, and people to whom aesthetics are important, are reporting extreme results. Maybe it’s because extreme dentures are the pinnacle of modern aesthetic dentistry – the best you can get. Why?

Dignified dentures

Not only can traditional dentures cramp your style, they can drown your dignity. On top of impeding your food choices, and causing worry about them falling out in public, Ill-fitting dentures can cause:

Bone and tissue loss in your jaw
Sore spots in your mouth
Speaking challenges
Stomach problems from not being able to chew food properly
Changes in your facial features

Extreme dentures are far more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than the traditional dentures.

Following a prescribed set of sequential steps, extreme makeovers are created by mapping your jaw while it is working (eating, smiling, talking), as opposed to the static impressions dentists use to make traditional dentures.

The look and occlusion (the way your teeth fit together) are carefully balanced to make sure your dentures are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

The first step in the sequence is to outfit you with "tester" dentures that look and feel like the final product. You'll wear these for a short period of time, allowing Dr. Denesh Khullar to fine tune the fit, feel and form.

Smile better, eat better, live better

By carefully replicating your mouth and using a thorough design, fabrication and testing process, extreme dentures made by dentist Dr. Khullar are:

Far more comfortable than traditional dentures
Much better looking aesthetically
Far less likely to slip, irritate your gums or fall out unexpectedly irritation
Much cheaper than dental implants

Say goodbye to painful, embarrassing dentures. With extreme dentures you'll be able to return to a worry-free life without gooey adhesives or restrictive diets. A life where you'll smile more, just because you can.

Your gateway to a more comfortable, healthier, beautiful smile

Dr. Khullar has trained in the art of extreme dentures. His aesthetic talents, his knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry, and his desire to transform lives by helping you love how you feel and love how you look make him a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional dentures.

How To Get Started with Dentures

Creating a younger, healthier, happier you

Get started with dentures.You know you want to improve your smile and you want dentures that fit and work they way they should. And you'd really like to turn back the hands of time and improve the aging of your face. You want to match how you feel on the inside with what you look like on the outside.

Taking those first steps may seem overwhelming so we want to prepare you. You can expect your experience with Dr. Khullar to include full disclosure, involved candid discussion and have truthful advice and recommendations.

What to expect

It's here you can discuss your needs or treatment. Everyone has concerns, needs and wants. We want to hear them. We really do.

These Medical Images are used to help us determine possible areas of concerns and share with you what we see. We use Digital Radiographs to capture images of your teeth and jaws as they use less radiation than one conventional radiograph. Additionally we use the latest in technology and techniques for ensure we have the very best starting point.

Using the Medical Images and the dental radiographs, Dr. Khullar will discuss any concerns with you so that you are clear about the findings and everyone is on the same page. It's all about full disclosure. Your exam will include a traditional oral exam, plus an assessment of jaw muscles, jaw joints, oral tissue and your breathing airway.

Dr. Khullar often says he wears 3 hats during his exam process. One hat is the traditional dental exam of teeth and gums. Another hat is the assessment of aesthetic needs for your smile and appearance. The last hat is one that deals with the function of your jaws, teeth, muscles and even your posture. This functional hat looks at how your teeth and jaws affect your health and well being.

Our Treatment Coordinator will discuss Dr. Khullar's findings with you and tailor a course of treatment that suits you best.
It is your mouth and your health. We are here to answer all questions you may have about possible issues and treatment options.

You aren't alone in this... we're here for you

Taking those first steps may seem overwhelming but we want to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way. The biggest benefit to you in terms of your oral care, is just knowing the facts. When you know what you're dealing with and know what your choices are, it seems a lot easier. At Dentalways, we are committed to supplying you with all the information you need to make healthy, informed decisions about your oral care. If, at any time you have questions or want further information, just give us a call. We are here to help.

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