Dr. Khullar can help you stop snoring for good

Snoring is much more than just a noisy nuisance. Snoring is one of the first signs of a more dangerous condition called sleep apnea. This breathing related sleep disorder can rob your body of the sleep and oxygen you need to function properly.

What can a dentist do for sleep apnea? Little Rock’s Dr. Denesh Khullar is trained in sleep disorder dentistry. By evaluating your mouth, jaws and neck, he can provide you with the treatment you need to stop your snoring and get back to healthy sleep.

Treat your sleep apnea and sleep better

Tired and cranky, it’s hard to get through the day without making mistakes, losing your temper or failing to perform at school or work. It’s called sleep deprivation and it’s dangerous. Depression, car crashes, weight gain, loss of libido, relationship problems are all results of sleep deprivation.

The strained breathing and reduced airflow that sleep apnea causes put stress on your heart, leading to various ailments such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack and in severe cases, death. Chronic sleep loss restricts your most basic metabolic functions, such as regulating your hormones.

Let Dentalways help you improve your quality of life

Get back to sleep, get back to good health, get back to living. That’s what you’ll get if you seek sleep disorder treatment at a Dentalways practice.

Dr. Khullar has a wide rage of snoring and sleep apnea treatments available. From simple snoring devices to stop your snoring to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to keep air flowing into your lungs while you sleep to orthodontic treatments that can realign your jaw, Dr. Khullar is committed to keeping at the leading edge of dental treatments and technology to ensure you get the most effective treatment.

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