Dr. Khullar helps relieve your painful TMJ symptoms

The pain caused by TMJ can turn a happy, fulfilling life into a life of misery. The root cause of TMJ, an unbalanced bite, can affect so many other parts of your body. What do aching shoulders, migraine headaches, snoring, tingling fingers, and ringing ears have in common? They’re all TMJ symptoms.

Neuromuscular dentistry goes beyond simply fixing teeth. By looking at the bigger picture of your oral health, your jaw joints, your teeth and how they fit together, and the health of the muscles of your jaw, face, head and neck, Dr. Khullar uses modern technology to define your optimal bite and devise a treatment plan to help achieve it. The result? No more pain!

TMJ treatment from Dentalways can restore your smile

Painful TMJ symptoms caused by teeth that are worn, broken, missing, damaged or decayed can also do a number on your smile. By restoring your teeth, Dr. Khullar can realign your bite, eliminating your TMJ pain and improving your oral health.

When you have a healthy mouth and a pain-free body, when you have a smile you are proud of, your life will change for the better. When you feel great and look great, you are full of the energy and self-assurance that makes people respond.

Correct your jaw misalignment and return to good health

By re-aligning your bite so that your jaw functions properly, and restoring your missing or damaged teeth, you’ll not only eliminate your TMJ pain, and give your confidence a leg up, you’ll contribute to your overall health as well.

Damaged or decayed teeth can lead to gum disease. The bacteria and inflammation caused by gum disease can enter your body through your blood and lungs and travel throughout your body causing a host of medical problems, such as, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, fetal development, diabetes, orthopedic implant failure and kidney disease. Your happiness, health and appearance are intricately linked. Dr. Khullar doesn’t just “fix” problems or provide temporary solutions, he’s always looking for new ways, combining treatments and finding solutions that leave you feeling your best.

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